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5/6 Boys Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Boys Grade 5/6 Program


1. What are the goals of the program this year?

Players will develop basic skills in catching, throwing, retrieving ground balls, shooting, and develop a rudimentary understanding of the game and how to work together as a team. Coaches will provide each participant with the opportunity to become better players. They will teach players how to play lacrosse, but also how to honor the game and how that translates to their lives off the field as well.

Players will test their skills during weekly league games, mostly on Saturdays. Game schedules will be available in early March, but teams will likely play ten (10) games against other teams in the South Sound Youth League. The season will end with full team participation in an end of the year tournament. All 5/6 players are expected to play through the tournament.


2. Who will coach the program?

The head coach is a volunteer position. Parent volunteers will have the opportunity to support the team in roles such as head coach, assistant coach, sideline manager, timer, scorekeeper, and team parent.

3. When does the program begin and end?

The Boys 5/6 teams start practice mid-February and run through the end of May (Memorial Day). Practices are traditionally held at either Goodman or Kopachuck Middle Schools, though weather and/or the needs of the school district may cause the location to change. The Boys 5/6 teams typically practice 3 days per week. Players will be notified of the practice schedule as soon as it is available which is typically the first week of March.

Post Season Opportunity: There are sometimes opportunities for our teams to play in tournaments that take place after the end of our regular season. Coach and player availability are often, but not the only, determining factors. These opportunities require fees not covered by the GHLA registration.

4. What equipment do players need?

The following equipment is required of every player: lacrosse helmet, lacrosse stick (crosse), shoulder pads, elbow pads, and gloves. A mouth guard (cannot be white or clear) and athletic cup are also required. Cleats are optional (baseball cleats are not permitted). Players without required equipment will not be allowed to practice or participate in games.


5. Do you have rental equipment available?

Players at the 5/6 level and above are responsible for providing their own equipment.

6. Are physicals required?

Physicals are not required at the 5/6 level.

7. Program Cost and Registration

The 5/6 registration fee is $350.00. There is also an additional fee of $79.99 to purchase the mandatory new player uniform kit for all new players. Additionally, every player MUST have a US Lacrosse number ($35 paid directly to US Lacrosse) in order to be eligible to register and participate in practice & games.