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Recruiting Overview


Recruiting at youth and high school games in Washington State does not happen.  Players who play for Gig Harbor Lacrosse should be playing because they love the game and want to have fun while they develop their fundamental skills.

 With that in mind, here's some information to help you understand the college recruiting landscape:     

  • 13-15% of all high school players will play college lacrosse at some level - D1 through MCLA
  • 1-3% of all high school players will play D1
  • 1-3% of all athletes in all sports receive an athletic scholarship
  • The average lacrosse scholarship is $14,000.
  • The first question a college lacrosse coach will ask you is, "What is your GPA?"
  • A D1 scholarship is actually a full time job

No player likes to be told that they can't achieve their dreams and every parent hopes for the best for their player.  So keep this uncredited quote in mind, "Being realistic does not mean that you shouldn't aim high."  We will always do our best to support our players in their lacrosse goals and dreams, but we strongly encourage all of our players to do as well as they can in the classroom because that is where they are most likely to receive a college scholarship.  


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