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Gig Harbor Lacrosse Association (GHLA)

Boys High School Team

General Team Information

Please read the following carefully. Questions can be directed to


  • In order to be eligible to play for the Gig Harbor Boys High School Lacrosse Team, the player must attend Gig Harbor High School or live within the Gig Harbor High School District and attend a high school that does not have a lacrosse team.
  • In order to participate in any field activity, players must have a valid US Lacrosse membership that is at least valid through the end of May of the current season. Membership can be obtained and renewed through
  • In order to participate in any field activity, players must complete the GHLA registration process. Players can register through our website Registration questions can be sent to  .
  • In order to participate in any field activity, players must be fully equipped (helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, protective cup, stick).
  • In order to compete in any team contests (league games, jamborees, etc.), players must be fully registered and paid in full. 
  • In order to compete in the pre-season jamboree, players must have participated in at least 8 practices as defined by the league. In order to participate in regular season games, players must have participated in at least 10 practices as defined by the league. 

Varsity & JV Teams

  • We typically field two teams in the Spring Season (depending on the number of players on the roster): a Varsity team and a JV team. Ours is not a recreational program; both teams are competitive. Playing time is not guaranteed. The line-up and amount of playing time will be determined by the coaches and based on the players’ demonstrated skill level and game IQ.

Registration & Fees:

  • Fall Ball: There is no fee for Fall Ball, but in order to participate, players must be fully registered with GHLA and have a valid US Lacrosse membership. Fall Ball is optional but strongly encouraged. We find that the most growth for a player happens in the off-season. The Fall session is comprised of up to 12 practices through November/1st week of December.
  • Spring Season:  The registration fee for the 2020 season is $425. Players can register without paying, but the registration fee must be paid in full prior to the first day of Spring practice.

Key Dates:

  • September 25th. Online registration opens.
  • October 2nd: Orders & payment are due for Team Helmets, Team Gloves, optional Team Bag. Items will be sold through our vendor's online store.
  • October 31st: Last day to place orders for Team Uniforms & optional Team/Fan Jackets.
  • November to 1st week of December: Fall Ball. See the team calendar for specific dates/times/locations. Fall Ball is optional but strongly encouraged. Emphasis will be on developing the player and basic team concepts. 
  • February 1st: After-School Conditioning Program begins. This is optional but strongly encouraged. Coordinated by team captains.
  • Late February/Early March: Spring season begins. See the team calendar for specific dates. Practices are usually Monday through Friday, 7-9 pm at either Gig Harbor High School or Peninsula High School. Games are usually weekday nights, coordinated through the Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association. There will also be the occasional Saturday practice/game.
  • NOTE Regarding Spring Break: Our league is not a “school” league. There is no Spring Break in our league, and we do not take a break. Players are expected to participate during their school’s Spring Break (we have students attending a few different schools). Absent players are subject to the team’s attendance policy.
  • May 31st: Spring season ends.
  • 1st week of June: End of Season Awards Dinner

Required Equipment & Apparel:

  • Players are responsible for purchasing their own equipment and uniforms. 
  • Sticks: Shafts & Heads must meet 2020 NFHS standards. Players may use any brand, model, or color (we encourage head colors to be consistent with our team colors: White, Navy Blue, Carolina Blue).
  • HelmetsThere is an official team helmet, and all players are strongly encouraged to wear this helmet. The team helmet is a Cascade S “White Out”: white shell, white face mask, white chin strap. The Cascade S is the state of the art in lacrosse helmets. The price of the helmet in 2020 was $185. (retails for $320). Helmets will be purchased through our venor's online store.
    • Alternatively, if a player already has a serviceable white helmet. We prefer that the face mask and chin strap are white. 
  • GlovesThere is an official team glove, and all players are expected to wear this glove. It is a custom Maverick M4 glove. The price in 2020 was $110. Gloves will be purchased through our vendor's online store. (Players are welcome to wear any glove during practices.)
  • Uniforms: We are not making any changes to the 2020 uniform, so if a player already has his uniform, no additional purchase is necessary. Incoming players will need to purchase their uniforms through our online store. The uniforms consist of Home & Away jerseys, Home & Away shorts, practice pinny, shooter shirt. The price is $165. Returning players who need to replace or add pieces of their uniform will be able to do so at "a la carte" prices. Uniforms are puchased through our online store on this website.
  • Arm pads: Players are required to wear arm pads. Players may choose any arm pad they want; there are no official team arm pads. 
  • Shoulder pads: Players are required to wear shoulder pads. Players may choose any shoulder pad they want; there are no official team arm pads. 
  • Mouth guards & protective cups. Players must wear mouth guards and protective cups. Mouth guards may NOT be white or clear.
  • Beginning in 2021, only a goalkeeper chest protector designed for lacrosse that incorporates the NOCSAE ND200 will be legal for play and shall contain an SEI certification mark.​​
  • Beginning in 2022, field players must wear protectors for commotio cordis that meet the NOCSAE ND200 standard and contain an SEI certification mark.

Optional Apparel:

  • Team/Fan jacket: We will be offering the same team jacket as we did last year. Price is $89. They will be available through our online store. Orders are due in October.

Attendance & Conduct Policies:

A great deal of time, energy, resources, and sacrifice are contributed to this program by the Board members, the coaches, and their families. We expect a similar commitment from the families and Players that elect to participate in our program. Being a member of a team requires putting the best interests of the team ahead of the individual. We expect all Players to be devoted teammates.

  1. Attendance & Participation:
    1. Fall Ball is optional but an official & integral component of our program. Players are strongly encouraged to participate in all Fall Ball activities.
      1. Fall Ball will consist of up to 12 practices (possibly 1 or 2 scrimmages) during the month of November. Practices will be scheduled during the week, typically from 7:00-8:30 pm.
    2. The Spring Season runs from the last week of February through the middle of May. The playoffs can extend the season through the end of May.
      1. During the Spring Season, Players need to be available for practices and games Monday through Friday, 5:00-9:00pm and the occasional Saturday as well.
        1. Varsity usually does not play on Saturday but will usually have a pre-season jamboree on the 2nd Saturday of the season.
        2. JV usually plays Mon-Fri, but may have some Saturday games.
      2. Players are expected to attend ALL Spring practices and games.
        1. Roll is called at the start of every practice/game.
          1. A Player is “on time” when he is fully dressed and in the huddle for roll call. A player is “late” if he is not fully dressed and in the huddle for roll call.
            1. Late to practice = 1 tardy. 2 tardies = 1 missed practice
          2. Missing practice
            1. Allowed 3 misses regardless of reason
            2. 4th miss = sit next game
            3. Each subsequent missed practice = sit next game
          3. Missing games
            1. Miss a game = sit the next game
      3. Spring break is a break from school. We schedule practices and games through Spring Break and expect all Players to participate throughout their spring break.
    3. Players are expected to alert their coaches in advance of an absence, preferably face-to-face.
  2. Conduct:
    1. Players are expected to “Honor the Game” and all that entails on and off the field.
      1. Show respect for the game, our community, our schools, our families, our teammates, our coaches, our officials, our fans.
    2. Grades: Players are expected to adhere to the standards set by their parents and school. The Coaches and Board will support the parents in enforcing those grade standards.
    3. Use of tobacco, drugs and/or alcohol is prohibited.
    4. Social media: Players are expected to make good judgments when it comes to posting on social media. There may be consequences for posts that the Coaches or Board determine to violate paragraph “a” above.
    5. Consequences: Depending on the infraction, consequences may include:
      1. Suspension from practice.
      2. Reduced playing time in a game.
      3. Suspension from 1 or more games.
      4. Change of squad (i.e., from varsity to JV).
      5. Loss of leadership position.
      6. Expulsion from the team.
      7. Examples:
        1. Player missed practice to attend a concert.
          1. Consequence: Suspended from next game.
        2. Player missed a game due to scheduling an optional event. 
          1. Consequence: Suspended from next game.
        3. Player missed practices and/or games because family went on vacation over Spring Break.
          1. Consequence: Suspended from the next two games.
        4. Player shoplifted.
          1. Consequence: Player was stripped of leadership position (no longer a captain) and was suspended for a game.
        5. Player cut classes and lied to parents.
          1. Consequence: Suspended from the next game.
      8. Extenuating Circumstances: If a player is sick, injured, has a family emergency, or some other significant life event, consideration will be given. Similarly, it will be noted if a player is not making the team a priority, and the coaching staff reserves the right to make the decisions that reflect the philosophy of the program and put first the best interest of the team.
  3. Communication:
    1. Players are responsible for staying up-to-date with the team’s schedule.
      1. The calendar on is the best source for information. The calendar is “fluid,” so check it frequently for updates and revisions.
      2. Update your profiles on so that parents and players are set up to receive important emails.
      3. Download the “Sports Sign Up Play” app to access team information on your phone.
      4. Join our “class” to receive important, last minute text messages:
    2. If a player will be missing a team event, the player is expected to communicate with a coach in advance, preferably face-to-face, but certainly by phone, text or email. If it’s not possible to do so in advance, then ASAP.
  4. Social Media: We post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:
    2. @GigHarborLax
    3. gigharborlax on Instagram

Resource Links:

Questions can be directed to

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