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Teams are filling up

If you haven't registered already we encourage you to do so soon.  Teams are filling up and as of today we have filled our boys 5/6 and girls 7/8 teams but we are hoping to fill a second team for both boys 5/6 and girls 7/8. At this time we are accepting an off system waitlist.  This will allow you to be added to a list without having to pay anything up front.  You will be notified if we are able to field a second team and that you are able to register.  Please help us fill second teams at these age groups by spreading the word to your friends and kids all over the harbor.

  If you would like to be added to the list please email us at 

include in your email your child's name, grade and gender.



All girls lacrosse teams in Gig Harbor are run though Harbor Fire and boys teams (youth thru High school) are limited to the Gig Harbor High school boundary lines.  If 98333 or 98335 zip code register without issue.  If a boy & 98332 zip code please email the registrar at the email provided above with your address so that it can be verified and you can be sent a link for registration.



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